Marble / Travertine Tile

Marble and Travertine Tile in Boca Raton

For thousands of years, marble and travertine have been used by affluent individuals who enjoy their extravagant beauty. At Tile & Co., we carry marble and travertine tile in Boca Raton for flooring, walls, and countertops. Because these products are increasingly affordable, marble and travertine give the look of luxury without breaking the bank. Make your dream space a reality with these gorgeous products.

Extreme Value and Durability With Marble and Travertine

Since they provide a classic beauty that doesn’t fade, marble and travertine will last a lifetime when properly maintained. While your investment in travertine or marble tile is slightly more upfront, they retain their value. These materials come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so your room is instantly transformed into an upscale space. No need to replace your furniture or appliances when redecorating with neutral colors of marble or travertine tile.

During the production process, the tiles are sealed, allowing for a non-porous surface similar to porcelain tile to be created. Since this protects the natural stones from moisture, they are an excellent choice for flooring and surfaces susceptible to water. Marble or travertine add elegance to shower surrounds in the bathroom, kitchen countertops, and many other areas.

Stress-free Maintenance and Endless Beauty With Marble or Travertine Tiles

Because travertine and marble tiles easily wipe clean to remove spills, dirt, dust, and sand in an instant, you don’t have to stress about spilling red wine or a plate of spaghetti. To maintain your tiles, simply sweep and mop your floors regularly to keep them free from debris.

Glamourize your living space with the timeless splendor of marble or travertine tile. Our tile experts would love to help you plan and execute your next tile project with one of these stunning looks. Call us at xxx to schedule an appointment, or shop Tile & Co.’s large selection of marble and travertine in Boca Raton, Florida.

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